Pro Leveler

6 set pk - $12 / 4 set pk - $9

 Fix Wobbly Tables and Furniture on Uneven Surfaces
Outperforms single shims and wedges
No stacking needed

Pro Leveler / Leveling Wedges is a patented adjustable interlocking system, used to fix and end wobbly tables and furniture with a steady solid support. No tools required. The Leveling Wedges consist of two concentric oval shape black rubber-like plastic wedges, that interlock together with extra floor gripping pins to create a firm non-slip grip to the furniture and floor on uneven surfaces. Instantly fills the gap between the floor and the table leg once the gap is filled.

Pro Leveler / Leveling Wedges stops the rattle, fixes and levels wobbly tables, furniture, appliances, shelves, desks, indoor and outdoor, at home, in the garage, on patios, at the office, in schools, hospitals and more.