Pro Leveler

Pro Leveler / Leveling Wedge / Fix Wobbly Furniture on Uneven Surfaces

Fix Wobbly Tables and Furniture on any Surface   
Outperforms single shims and wedges
No stacking needed
Patented Adjustable Interlocking Leveling System
Fills the gap between the floor and the table leg
Locks into place once the gap is filled

  • FIX WOBBLY TABLES AND FURNITURE - FILLS THE GAP BETWEEN THE FLOOR AND THE FURNITURE LEG - Utilizes an adjustable interlocking platform to fill the gap between the floor and the furniture leg

  • LEVELING WEDGE ADJUSTS AUTOMATICALLY - Patented adjustable Interlocking system instantly stabilizing wobbly tables and furniture on any surface

  • NO STACKING NEEDED - PATENTED ADJUSTABLE INTERLOCKING LEVELING WEDGE - Features a concentric rubber design with pins to help the device maintain a grip on the floor and the bottom of the furniture leg

  • OUTPERFORMS SINGLE SHIMS AND WEDGES WHEN STABILIZING RESTAURANT TABLES, PATIO AND LAWN FURNITURE - Offers an effective method for stabilizing patio and lawn furniture at home, on campsites, restaurant patios, and other spaces

  • USE LEVELING WEDGE FOR WOBBLY SHELVES AND BIG APPLIANCES - Allows for the easy leveling of shelves and big appliances on sloping floors or when carpet or tile make the surface uneven

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