Collection: The Wedgy™ Adjustable Self-locking Furniture Leveling Shims

Stop the Wobble with The Wedgy™ Furniture Leveling Shims!

Introducing The Wedgy™ adjustable self-locking leveling shims, your solution to wobbly furniture and appliances on uneven surfaces! Our patented oval-shaped interlocking gripper pads provide steady support for a wide range of applications:

·         Restaurant Tables: Keep your customers comfortable and your tables stable with The Wedgy™ shims.

·         Patio Furniture: Enjoy a wobble-free outdoor experience with our durable and adjustable shims.

·         Rattling Appliances: Say goodbye to annoying rattles and vibrations in your appliances.

·         Garage Shelves: Keep your storage organized and stable, even on sloping garage floors.

·         Office Desks: Create a stable workspace with our self-locking shims for wobbling office desks.

And much more! The Wedgy™ leveling shims are designed to:

·         Adjustable: Easily adjust to fit different gaps and surfaces.

·         Self-Locking: Once in place, they securely hold furniture and appliances, preventing further wobbling.

·         Durable: Made from high-quality materials for long-lasting stability and support.

Don't let wobbly furniture and appliances disrupt your comfort and productivity. Try The Wedgy™ adjustable self-locking leveling shims today and experience the difference!